Our family migrated to the United States from Italy. My grandmother truly misses our lovely hometown in Italy. Good thing a friend of mine brought us to Brucie NYC so that we could relive the authentic taste of Italian cuisine. And no other confirmation is needed than the approval of my grandmother herself. She loves Brucie so much that she would often ask me to buy lasagna at Brucie NYC even when we are not celebrating any special occasion. She could not get over Brucie’s Classic Meatless Lasagna and Goat Cheese and Mushroom Lasagna. Needless to say, birthdays and special family events are always celebrated at Brucie NYC. It has become an extension of our home. For our family, the taste of Brucie NYC brings back the happy memories of the days we spent with friends when we were still living in Italy. We also appreciate that they use the finest and freshest ingredients in preparing different Italian dishes. And you could really feel the love and care that they put in every dish – that is what makes Italian dishes so sumptuous and delicious because they fill not just your tummy but also your heart’s desires. Kudos to Brucie NYC. Molte grazie from our Italian family. You have provided us with a taste of home away from home. 

  • Margareth V. of New Jersey 


Brucie NYC is always a special place for my husband and me. This is where we had our first date back in our college days, where we celebrated our graduation, where we dined when we got our first paychecks, and of course, this was also where my husband proposed to me. The food, ambience, and service of the staff all combined to give us a feeling of special treatment each time we go there. We love their lasagna and wines in particular. And for sure, we will keep coming back for more. 

  • Joanne E. of New  York City