Welcome to Brucie’s


Welcome to Brucie’s – New York’s trusted and beloved Italian restaurant. At Brucie NYC, we make sure that the food we serve are sourced with tender loving care. Yes, that is our secret ingredient to ensure that you experience fine Italian cuisine and ultimate satisfaction for your appetite and senses.

This is our official website where you can see for yourself the menu that we offer. We serve Italian food for dinner and brunch. However, our menu offerings vary every night so it is best to check out our page for our daily menu. This is one of the charms of Brucie NYC. You are always in for a surprise. You do not know what Italian food we are going to serve you each day. That is why our patrons keep coming back to experience our special menu for the day lovingly prepared from appetizer, main entrees, and dessert. Brunch and dinner have different set of menus too so you would want to experience both that only Brucie offers to its patrons.

Brucie NYC supports organic and local farming to ensure that you get the freshest and most nutritious ingredients for the food that we serve you. We buy our ingredients daily and our head chef himself oversees the marketing and food preparation. What Italian goodness can we cook with arugula, olives, green tomatoes, sweet potatoes, beets, string beans, cabbage, squash, and eggplant fresh from the farm? How about House Burrata, Mezzi Paccheri, Tagliatelle, Kabocha Squash, and our famous lasagna? Of course each menu will not be complete without a variety of dessert offerings for a sweet cap off to your dining experience. Brunch is a different story altogether. We make sure to prepare something light and heavy depending on your level of appetite. We have sandwiches, brunch plates, side dishes, and sweets to start off your day on a positive note.

Brucie also offers fancy cocktails, beers, and a wide variety of wines. We support organic and biodynamic winemaking so that makes our wines even more inviting. You can choose from our long list of bubbly wines, white wines, and red wines. It does not get more Italian than that.

Due to insistent demand and cravings for our famous lasagna, Brucie offers lasagna party packages that you can order from our restaurant. It is perfect for your special occasions, parties, or a sumptuous dinner with family and friends.

And because you cannot get enough of Brucie NYC, we have catering services so that we can be with you wherever you are in New York. And if you want to know how to cook authentic Italian dishes, we also have cooking classes. We will teach you right inside our kitchen.

So, come and visit us to experience Italian cuisine at its finest. We invite you to go out of your garage door opener in Tampa FL and hit the road towards Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, New York. If you need help finding us, just take the F or G train going to Bergen and that would lead you close to our restaurant. We promise you a dining experience like no other because only Brucie NYC can satisfy your hunger with its blend of Italian cuisine and tender loving care.